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Venice Italy Hotels 5 Star

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venice italy hotels 5 star
Train to venice… Hotel In Venice?

Will be in Italy (rome) and planning on extending the trip for a few days into Venice. Can someone give me information regarding a traing from Rome to Venice? Time? price? what train to use?

Also planning on staying in venice fro two days. Any hotels anyone can suggest? Bare in mind im not looking for a 5 star hotel nor a hole in the wall place or hostel. Something in between, clean, near the city or in the city, near trasportation, etc, any suggestions. Looking to spend a bit over $100 a night. Thanks.

Train schedules and prices are here: . A fast train during the day takes 3 hr 48 min and costs 74 euro in 2nd class at the standard fare. If you buy the ticket in advance, you can get the discounted mini fare for as low as 52 euro. The other option is the night train that leaves the Roma Tiburtina station at 10:36 pm and arrives in Venice at 5:26 the next morning. The cost for a berth in a 4 bed compartment is 60.90 euro. You can sleep through the night and maximize your time in Venice. You also do not need a hotel for the night you travel.

I use this site for hotels here in Italy. Venice is one of the most expensive places in Italy. Prices depend a lot on exactly when you’re here. The 4 star places where I stay (Monaco & Grand Canal, Selvadego, All’Angelo) range from 100 to 130 euro per night next weekend, but this is the lowest price period of the year. Any of these would be good choices – they all all very close to Piazza San Marco. Places in the area near the train station are generally a little less expensive and there are the vaporettos down the Grand Canal or you can walk to Piazza San Marco. Venice is pretty compact and walkable. The Lido island is also less expensive, but you have to take a boat to get to the main part of the city. You might look at someplace like the Al Tramonto Dorato B & B which is about 10 minutes from Piazza San Marco on foot.

Hilton Hotel Molino Stucky Luxury Hotel In Venice Italy

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March 31st, 2011 at 11:11 am

Venice Hotels Map

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venice hotels map
Is Dorsoduro in Venice a good location?

I’m going to Italy in October and staying in Venice for three nights. I’ve been offered an apartment in the Dorsoduro district. Here is the exact address:,12.392578&sspn=16.81536,28.300781&ie=UTF8&s=AARTsJq3Z2VkoVwIIkD2gH1kKBNTzoL-WA&view=map

Or you can type CALLE DEI FRATI 941 Venezia, in Google Maps. I have never been to Italy and will be seeing the regular tourist sights.

Those of you who know Venice and/or have been there, please tell me if this will be a good location in terms of sightseeing and transportation. The hotel manager says it’s on Zattere lines #51, 52, 61, 62, 2 and Accademia lines #1 and #2.

The place looks decent and the price is unbeatable but I don’t know if the district is safe. Any advice will be much appreciated.

Venice is a fairly compact city and easily walkable in addition to having the vaporetto lines to get around. So just about anywhere is convenient for sightseeing. Your apartment isn’t particularly close to the Piazza San Marco area on foot, but nothing is all that far and it’s interesting wandering the city. You’re fairly close to the Accademia Bridge so you won’t have to go out of your way to cross the Grand Canal. The boat ride is pretty short from there though and you’re very close to the Zattere stop. It’s also a safe location as is anywhere in the city.

Hotel Diana Venice – 3 Star Hotels In Venice

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March 27th, 2011 at 9:15 am

Hotel Basilea Venice

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hotel basilea venice
For our honeymoon….where do you recommend?

There are several packages that we can purchase at a discounted rate. Out of these locations, which would you recommend/prefer?
Rome, Florence, Venice, Sorrento

Here’s the Hotels In each city that we would be staying:

Rome – Hotel Milani
Florence – Hotel Byron, Hotel Basilea, or Hotel Pendini
Venice – Hotel Da Bruno
Sorrento – Hotel Gardenia or Hotel Villa Aaria

Which do you recommend and why?
List of the vacation packages:

Florence would be my answer. Beautiful city with a lot to do. It is very easy to get on the train and visit nearby towns from Florence. presents: Hotel Basilea Residenza in Venice / Adria / Italy

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