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Accommodation Hotel Venice

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accommodation hotel venice
Cheap Hotels In Milan/Venice or surrounds.?

I’m passing through Milan for a few days on my way to Dublin in October. I’m short on cash and looking for suitable CHEAP but NICE accommodation in Milan/Venice or anywhere near there close to transport, sights etc. I’ll be traveling with my mother and 6 year old son, we need something to suit a “family” but not too expensive. I’m not a fussy traveler, my mother is though, I just want something suitable for my son really.

Can anyone recommend somewhere?

ALSO is it best to book in advance (on the net from Australia) or is it easy enough to find a place to stay once you get there. ie hop off the plane and go find somewhere to stay?

Thanks in advance :)

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Hotel In Venice: Duodo Palace Hotel – Venice Italy

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April 25th, 2011 at 6:58 am

Principe Hotel Venice

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principe hotel venice
Can you please give me some cheap restaurants in Rome, Sorrento and Venice?

Please include the price range and if you can, the station nearest to that restaurant and/or the adress. Id be grateful if you coul give me one near Universo (superior) hotel at street: via Principe amedeo 5/b or near termini station.

One of my favorite restaurants in Rome is in Campo de Fiori. It is Grappolo d’Oro. The price was about $20 per person without wine and it is worth every penny. I’ve eaten there several times as I lived near Venice for three years and traveled to Rome several times. Their phone is 06-68-64-118. They are closed on Sundays and I would recommend that you reserve a table.

In Venice, I would recommend Taverna San Trovaso located in Dorsoduro. Phone 041-52-03-703 closed Mondays. I think you can eat for about $20 per person w/out wine. Large family run restaurant with a lot to choose from.

Behind Piazza San Marco is another favorite–Trattoria da Remigio- mainly favored by locals so you must have reservations. They are at the high end of “cheap eats” but you could eat lunch there instead of dinner. Very good fresh fish and pasta (of course) and you should get out at $20 per person. They have a menu in the window so you can see what they offer. Phone 041-52-30-089. I think they are closed Tuesdays. There are so many mediocre restaurants in this area so be careful and go where the locals eat. You can step into a shop and ask the proprietor where he eats!

If you want some more names, I will check my records. I usually keep the receipts and write what I thought of the place

If you are going in August, you will find many places closed for the entire month. So I hope you are going before August or after. Hope this helps

Venice, Italy: Hotel Principe

Luxury Hotels Venice Italy

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luxury hotels venice italy
how much does it cost ??

I’m planing a trip to italy (Venice) for my honey moon, and I’m wondering how much money do I need for one week, everything included (for two).. not looking for any luxury, stars hotels neither.. interested in romantic places. any help plz ?

I recommend looking for places to stay on the Lido. Venice is one of the most expensive places to stay in of the whole world.

If you want it romantic enough expect to pay at least 100 EUR per night and person in the city center with a view of the Grand Canal – that is 1200 EUR plus food, entrance fees to sights and flight ticket. Considering this I recommend combining Venice with Florence and or San Gimignano. (They aren’t much cheaper, but Venice is not that big – you can see the main sights in 3 days. Florence however will take you 2 weeks at least.)

Otherwise I can’t really help you, as I was cheapskate enough to stay at Camping Alba di Oro near the airport on the mainland. It was just 13 EUR per night for me in a rented tent and absolutely great for the price. With self-catering and entry to sites I spent around 30 EUR per day there – can’t be beaten.

(They also have private lodges for 2 people available.)

BTW, I can recommend buying the Lonely Planet. It has most of the info you need.

Venice Italy Luxury Hotels Rome Italy Luxury Hotels Venice Italy Luxury Hotels Blossom Valley Travel

Written by Bauer Hotel Venice

April 14th, 2011 at 3:38 am

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