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hotels venise
good Hotels In venise? rome? tuscany?

going to europe in december with my family, and having a little trouble finding the right places to stay? preferably not to far away from transport and landmarks?
if you have been there, or just know somewhere which seems suitable please share :)

I use this site for hotels here in Italy: . Venice and Florence are both pretty compact and the historic areas are easily walkable.

In Venice, I stay close to Piazza San Marco. Last night, I was at the Selvadego for the start of Carnevale It’s about a minute’s walk from Piazza San Marco. A couple of other places I like are the All’Angelo or the San Moisè. The less expensive places tend to be on the outer islands or near the train stations. There’s a trip planner for the vaporetto here:

In Florence, I like the Hotel Duomo which is literally right next to the Duomo and very short walking distance to Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio and other attractions. The train station is less than ten minutes walk.

Rome is somewhat larger. The hotels I particularly like there are the Cesàri which is close to the Pantheon and the Romano which is right across from the Forum: and the Accademia which is literally around the corner from Trevi Fountain.

There are many other good choices in each of the three cities.

Cheap places to Stay In Venice, video – &

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August 1st, 2011 at 1:29 am

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