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venice cheap accommodation
Any advice for married college students wanting to travel in Europe?

We would like to go to Austria (Vienna and Salzburg), Czech Republic (Prague), Hallstatt, and Italy (Florence and Venice). We are looking for the cheapest way to do this and for any information about married accommodations. For instance, how do hostels handle married couples? Thanks!

Hey, I went traveling this summer and there were a few married couples with me. I actually went with a tour company and booked through STA travel (which you can do too since you’re students). It was pretty nice, travel between cities was taken care of, you make friends from all of the world on the bus and such. Think about getting a Busabout pass or Eurorail. Hostels are the cheapest place to stay by far, and you can normally pay extra and get single rooms if you book in advance. Though I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt too much to sleep with 14 other people for a few nights :)

The best is to do some research and find the places nearest the center of town, even if it costs a bit more, its definitely worth it. By the way, out of those cities you listed, Prague has to be my favorite.


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