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What would you do?

Again,I need your wise help.I’ve been offered a job as a switchboard operator in a 5 luxury star Hotel In Venice.Actually,it’s a Hotel In a lonely island in front of Saint Mark square.The hotel is the only building in the island but there’s a free boat-shuttle service from and to the island to Saint Mark square.The job itself sounds quite interesting and it’s a way to use my English too.
The only problem is that since I don’t live there nor nearby,they can put me up in a shared accomodation with one or two other people.
Unfortunately,the last time I shared an accommodation with somebody,it was a tragic experience and I wouldn’t want it to happen again.What should I do?If you were me,would you accept it or not?
Any suggestion will be highly appreciated and please,tell me if you think my English is good.

Your English is great! Contact the hotel again and ask if there is any chance of private accomodation. Good luck.

Alternatively, you could give the shared accomodation a try and if it doesn’t work, rent a room somewhere else in town.

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