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How do I get to the St. Mark’s Square area from Venice Marco Polo Airport?

My hotel is half a mile away from St. Mark’s Square and I am looking for the most convenient and/or cheapest way to get to my hotel (Hotel is called Basilea. Address is Santa Croce-rio Marin 817, Venezia, VE 30135). Thank you.
Ok everyone, just so you know I will be taking a gondola trip and another boat trip to Murano so I would much rather spend my money on these than on a water taxi trip from the airport to Venice to “remember the experience.” I’m traveling smart so Venice doesn’t necesarilly have to be “expensive” for me.

Put the address into Google Maps and you’ll easily find the position of the hotel. I’ve just looked at the Hotel website which has a map, but unfortunately the ‘star’ marking the hotel’s location is in the wrong place – so don’t follow that.

The easiest way to get to your hotel is to take the shuttle bus from Marco Polo Airport to Piazzale Roma. From here you walk, but it’s only 10 mins and a good way to start getting to know Venice.

Just follow the signs to the Grand Canal/Train Station (Ferrovie), but do not cross the Grand Canal. Instead turn right and continue walking with the Grand Canal on your left – you’ll see the train station on the opposite side of the Canal. Turn right down the street opposite Ponte degli Scalzi (you won’t miss this bridge, it will be packed with tourists); continue walking almost to the end of this street then turn left over a smaller canal; turn right and continue down to the next bridge; turn right over this bridge and then left and you’re in Rio Marin and should find the hotel easily.

Venice is a compact city and the best way to get around is to walk. Write the hotel address on a card and, if you do get lost, just call into a shop or ask someone who looks like a local for directions. – Quality Hotel Delfino Venezia Mestre

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