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book hotel venice
I’m going to rome and venice this summer, but i dont know if i should book a hotel in both places?

well the thing is that we are going to italy for a week and we are going to visit rome, venice and fiorence we will be staying in rome for 2 days but i dont know if i should book a Hotel In Venice or just travel to venice and comeback to rome? if so how long is the distance from rome to venice? if it’s a good idea to Stay In Venice also, what is the best location to stay where there are good restaurants, bars, club?

I’d recommend booking a Hotel In Venice. There’s enough to see and do to spend a couple of days there. It is possible to do as a day trip, but the earliest Eurostar doesn’t arrive in Venice until 11:22. Since it’s a 4 and a half to five hour trip; therewouldn’t be time to see much of Venice.

One option is the night train. You can catch the night train at 10:50 pm at the Roma Tiburtina station, sleep through the night in a cuchette, and arrive in Venice at about 5:30 the next morning. A berth in a 4 bed compartment is 56.50 euro which would save you a night in a more expensive hotel. You could have two pretty full days in Venice before returning to Rome if you need to.

To return to Rome you can either take a late Eurostar or another night train.
The trains stop in both Venezia Mestre and Venezia Santa Lucia. “You want the Santa Lucia station – Mestre is on the mainland.

2nd class on Eurostar from Rome to Venice is 51 euro. You cancheck schedules and costs on the treinitalia website:…

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Hotel Venice Booking

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hotel venice booking
How will it cost my in Venice ???

I will be going to venice for a couple of days in december, i.e Friday evening till Sunday Afternoon. Now i just want to know that how much it will cost us (Me and my Lady) to spend this time there. This doesnt include the hotel as i have already booked it. I was just thinking in terms of Water Buses, Food, sight seeing etc. We are not kind of ppl who look 5 star hotels luxury in a trip like this, and i also dont plan to do shopping there. But as it will be first time so just want to get the recommendations/ideas/advice from those who already have done this. Plus any other info that will help us in making this trip (by the way it will be a surprice wed. anniversary trip for my wife) a memorable one..


As Venetian, I have that to say that is not easy to respond. It’s true that the city is expensive, but it could be as much as other big cities like London or New York.

Look for osterias for lunch or dinners; typically venitian, they also serve venitian food and are not so expensive.

Transports aren’t cheap too but if you buy a pass you’ll pay of course less and will be able to take the vaporettos all the time you want. 1 trip is 6 euros, 1 day 15, 48 hours 25, 72 hours 30.

With all this art and history, I prefer the old things to the modern: we would be able to suggest all the Basilicas (each sestriere [one of the 6 parts of the city] has a main church that is the Basilica), the Ducal Palace, the Galleries of Accademia, Cà Rezzonico, Cà D’ oro. If you prefer the most contemporary things, go to the Guggenheim Collection, Cà Pesaro or to Palazzo Grassi. If you only can afford 2 or 3, do the Doge’s Palace and Accademia first.

Then, if you have free time, loose yourself in the maze.

A gondola ride costs 80 euros for 40 minutes; it can be fun you find the good gondolier that shows the right views and spots.

Rise the bell tower of San Giorgio for the better view on the city, and go to the islands (Murano, Burano and Torcello) only on a sunny day. You can go and return to all these places with the pass you previously bought.

Enjoy Venice, and respect it, please.

Video clip of Hotel Saturnia & International in Venice.

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