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Boutique Hotel Venice

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boutique hotel venice
Please help with some advice about nice and cheap place to stay in Milan and Venice? ?

We are going to visit Italy and will need accommodation in Milan and Venice. Could anyone advise some low budget place to stay (B&B). I would prefer some small boutique hotel, just something clean and not too far from city centre. We will go in Jan 2009

If you want cheap, from my experiences, you’ll need to stay about 20-30 minutes outside of Venice. But just keep on searching and you will eventually find something. I just did a quick search for you and found some for under $115… I don’t know if that’s in your budget, but go ahead and do some searches and you’ll find something.

The Venetian and The Palazzo Resort-Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas

Hotel Manin Venice

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hotel manin venice
What is the best way to get from Venice Marco Polo Airport to Hotel Centauro?

Any advice in how to save some money on transportation? Me and my wife will be arriving about 9:00pm in winter. The Hotel Address is “San Marco Campo Daniele Manin 4297/a”

Well, the hotel’s website suggests the following:

To reach the Centauro Hotel from the “Marco Polo” airport of Venice there are several options:
- by the “Alilaguna” motorboat (fare: 10 euro) which will bring you to St. Mark’s in about 1 hour (get off at the Vallaresso stop). From there, walk down Calle Vallaresso (in front of the landing stage) and the Frezzerie, until you reach the intersection with Calle dei Fuseri. Turn into Calle dei Fuseri and go straight on until the intersection with Calle della Vida or delle Locande: The Centauro Hotel is at number 4297/A.
- by the “Venezia Air Terminal” bus, which will take you to Piazzale Roma in about 20 minutes. From there you can take vaporetto n° 1 or n° 82 as far as the Rialto stop. When you get to the Rialto, walk down Riva del Carbone until the intersection with Calle Cavalli on the left. Go down this to the end, where you will find Campo Manin. The Centauro Hotel is in Calle della Vida or delle Locande, where the famous Scala Contarini del Bovolo is located.
- by private water tax you can get to just a few meters from the Hotel.

Hotel Manin

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