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Does anyone know: When did the state of Florida build Route 75, on the west coast, to in effect replace rt 41?

As a “new” Floridian, I see all the strip hotels on rt 41 [the Tamiani Trail] that look like they were built in the 40′s or 50′s and wonder when that route became “obsolete” for most travelers now using rt 75….since the Tamiani Trail runs very close to the west coast it still has some value for visitors, but rt 75 is abot 10 miles inland and people are able to zip past Bradenton/Sarasota/Venice and other destinations without ever seeing water….thanks to anyone who can shed a light on this.

tamiami trail is a highway that runs (what do ya know) from tampa to miami, 75 is an interstate…i dont think one was built to replace another…its common to have interstates and highways that lead the same direction. the highway is convenient when driving around in town or to places nearby as it is the main road through most towns in the area. 75 is more convenient when traveling to a town outside of your own that way you dont have to deal with stop lights and slow traffic and speed limits. – Hotel Florida Venice

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