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Luxury Hotel In Venice

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luxury hotel in venice
Cheap accommodation nearby Venice?

I am going to Italy next month. I have booked the ticket to Treviso but I’m still wondering where it is the most reasonable to stay.
I don’t look for luxury but possible cheap accommodation, double room… I have limited budged you see (of course..:). It doesnt have to be a hotel… could be some private accommodation, family-run? I plan to stay for 7 nights. Please advice where to search – in Treviso, Venice or cities nearby?
Maybe you live somewhere there and you know or heard of cheap place to stay? Let me know the website or email addresses? Or you have already visited Venice and you have some place to recommend?

Waiting for allll your advices. Please, pleaseee help!
Thanks in advance,
PS. You are right – accommodation on one of Venice islands is cheaper. Does anyone knows how much it costs to get from the island for exmple Murano to Venice historic centre, by boat?

I use the Venere site for hotels here in Italy. It’s generally a bit cheaper to stay on one of the outlying islands like Lido or near the train station. However, it’s even cheaper to stay on the mainland in Mestre and take the bus to Piazzale Roma to get into Venice proper. Treviso is really too far out if you want to go into Venice every day, but it is a nice place to visit for a day if you’re in the area.

With your budget, you might also want to consider a hostel. See, for example: or

Hotel Cipriani – Venice

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June 3rd, 2011 at 11:58 pm

Venice Luxury Hotel

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venice luxury hotel
What would you do?

Again,I need your wise help.I’ve been offered a job as a switchboard operator in a 5 luxury star Hotel In Venice.Actually,it’s a hotel in a lonely island in front of Saint Mark square.The hotel is the only building in the island but there’s a free boat-shuttle service from and to the island to Saint Mark square.The job itself sounds quite interesting and it’s a way to use my English too.
The only problem is that since I don’t live there nor nearby,they can put me up in a shared accomodation with one or two other people.
Unfortunately,the last time I shared an accommodation with somebody,it was a tragic experience and I wouldn’t want it to happen again.What should I do?If you were me,would you accept it or not?
Any suggestion will be highly appreciated and please,tell me if you think my English is good.

Your English is great! Contact the hotel again and ask if there is any chance of private accomodation. Good luck.

Alternatively, you could give the shared accomodation a try and if it doesn’t work, rent a room somewhere else in town.

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