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Piazza In Venice

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piazza in venice
Location of Cannaregio Ovest in Venice? How far from the main square in Venice?

How many minutes approximately to Piazza de San Marco? How far from the train station?

There’s a map on this site that shows the districts in Venice. Just click on the find hotels on map link.

The train station is in Cannaregio Ovest. Everything in the district will be within a few minutes walk of the train station.

Piazza San Marco is at the other end of the Grand Canal. You can walk it in about a 30 – 40 minutes or catch a vaparetto in front of the station. You can find schedules and information on the boats at: and

SAINT MARK’S SQUARE Piazza San Marco Venice, Italy

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June 10th, 2011 at 7:43 pm

San Marco Hotel In Venice

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san marco hotel in venice
Is there such a thing as a nice Hostel In Venice, Italy?

I am trying to find a nice and DECENT hostel/Hotel In Venice, Italy for around $50-$60 AUD. I have looked at and but reviews about hostels are less than favourable. I am starting to think that no hostel/Hotel In Venice is habitable. Please help, here are my requirements:

PRICE: $50-$60 AUD
LOCATION: As close to San Marco’s Square as possible.
DATES: June 28-June 29.

Thank you in advance!

Hotels In Venice are VERY expensive, and the prices are highest near St. Mark’s. A lot of people stay outside of the city to save money and take the water bus into town. (In April, our hotel, 2 blocks from St. Mark’s, was just over 350 Euros per night, and that was for the least expensive rooms. I saw NO hostels.)

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