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Nice Hotel In Venice

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nice hotel in venice
Nice but inexpensive hotels for a one night Stay In Venice?

Can anyone sugest some nice but inexpensive hotels for a one night Stay In Venice?

Hotel prices vary a lot in Italy depending on what’s going on. The hotel I stayed at during Carnevale was 150 euro per night the 1st weekend, 400 euro per night the 2nd weekend and 80 euro per night the weekend after Carnevale ended. It’s 140 euro per night right now.

Generally, the cheaper places will be out on the Lido island or in the area around the train station. On Lido, places like
Buon Pesce
Villa Paradiso
are relatively inexpensive and highly rated by past guests. These are all 3 star places.

Right now, there are some reasonable rates in the San Marco area near Piazza San Marco. You might consider a place like the Lisbona:

You can check prices for your specific dates here: You can sort by price for your specific dates to find something within your range. Venice is generally one of the more expensive places to stay in Italy.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel Venice – Venice, Florida

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August 13th, 2011 at 2:35 am

Hotel Basilea Venice

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hotel basilea venice
For our honeymoon….where do you recommend?

There are several packages that we can purchase at a discounted rate. Out of these locations, which would you recommend/prefer?
Rome, Florence, Venice, Sorrento

Here’s the Hotels In each city that we would be staying:

Rome – Hotel Milani
Florence – Hotel Byron, Hotel Basilea, or Hotel Pendini
Venice – Hotel Da Bruno
Sorrento – Hotel Gardenia or Hotel Villa Aaria

Which do you recommend and why?
List of the vacation packages:

Florence would be my answer. Beautiful city with a lot to do. It is very easy to get on the train and visit nearby towns from Florence. presents: Hotel Basilea Residenza in Venice / Adria / Italy

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