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Venice Italy Hotel Deals

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venice italy hotel deals
Vacation in Italy?

For a few years now, my family has wanted to take a vacation to Italy. We would like to spend about 4 days in Rome, 3 days in Venice, and 3 days in Florence. However, every year when we try to plan it it always comes out to be too expensive…around $6,000. I was wondering if anyone knows of any better deals than this. What time of year should we go, and would it be cheaper to find some kind of vacation package rather than just booking Hotels In each city on our own? Thanks!

Try to go in an offpeak time for a start….mid summer is not the cheapest time to go…..I went in April and found it more reasonable.

Accommodation will always be your biggest money spender! I would try some of the hostel webistes…they also have cheap hotels as well, so don’t panic eg, hostelworld. com, among others….try to get a reasonably central place ( cheaper often means further from the centre of town which gets annoying at times).
I can recommend a place in Venice a 2* hotel calledMessiner. It has no lift so you have to take you bags up the stairs. I had a room at the end of the hall which overlooked a canal and was lovely ( although RIGHT above the kitchen, but it was not too bad).
Just ot point out, Venice is quite small and I had 2 nights and felt satisfied with my time there…I also had 3 nights in Rome and Florence….i probalby needed more time for Rome…
I did a guided day tour of Pompeii ( form Rome) which was great ( and included lunch)…try something like Viator to see may not be cost efficient for a family….not sure. (I was based in the UK at the time and earning GBP which had a great exchange rate!)

Florence is an expensive city as was Venice for accommodation…I got a cheap place in Florence, which was about 26 euros a night in a camping ground….I had a cabin, but I met 3 american girls who hired a trailer which slept 4 -6.
THe walls in my cabin were incredibly thin and it was around 40-50mins bus ride from Florence, but cheaper than staying in town….you see the dilema!
I would look at the accommodation websites first, look at different times of the year and see when its a good time to visit for you…ie cheaper.

Venice, Italy: Hotel Carlton and Grand Canal

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August 6th, 2011 at 11:50 pm

Venice Italy Hotel

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venice italy hotel
Booking Hotel in Venice, Italy through travel website or direct hotel?

I am looking to book a few nights In Venice Italy and I’ve been doing most of my searches through travel websites like expedia,, etc… My question/concern is that I’m liking the prices I see on these websites but when I inquire directly with the hotel, the prices are much more inflated. Is it ok to book through the travel site to take advantage of the lower rate? I am very concerned about having an attached bathroom to our hotel room and I am totally unfamiliar about how to ensure I get a good price but make sure it offers everything we need.

Yes, it’s okay to book through a reputable third-party website. (Both Expedia and qualify as reputable.) They sometimes are less expensive because they can get volume discounts that an individual traveler does not qualify for. The main difference is that you may be required to pre-pay your reservation through a third-party site.

What type of hotel are you booking? Only budget hotels have shared bathrooms. If it’s a higher-end hotel, then it will have private bathrooms. If the website does not specifically mention it, try putting the hotel name in a search engine and checking other sources. The hotel might even have its own website with more detailed information.

Venice, Italy: Hotel Antico Doge

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