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Booking Hotel in Venice, Italy through travel website or direct hotel?

I am looking to book a few nights In Venice Italy and I’ve been doing most of my searches through travel websites like expedia,, etc… My question/concern is that I’m liking the prices I see on these websites but when I inquire directly with the hotel, the prices are much more inflated. Is it ok to book through the travel site to take advantage of the lower rate? I am very concerned about having an attached bathroom to our hotel room and I am totally unfamiliar about how to ensure I get a good price but make sure it offers everything we need.

Yes, it’s okay to book through a reputable third-party website. (Both Expedia and qualify as reputable.) They sometimes are less expensive because they can get volume discounts that an individual traveler does not qualify for. The main difference is that you may be required to pre-pay your reservation through a third-party site.

What type of hotel are you booking? Only budget hotels have shared bathrooms. If it’s a higher-end hotel, then it will have private bathrooms. If the website does not specifically mention it, try putting the hotel name in a search engine and checking other sources. The hotel might even have its own website with more detailed information.

Venice, Italy: Hotel Antico Doge

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